Joint Venture Partnerships

Our most recent renovation to create a legal basement suite in Calgary.

  • Functional!
  • Bright!
  • Appealing to a variety of tenants!
  • Low maintenance because everything is new and updated!

Safe and clean for both the landlord’s and the tenant’s peace of mind!

What is a Joint Venture (JV)?

“An agreement joining together two or more parties for the purpose of executing a particular real estate transaction. Each party has committed to perform certain duties and lives up to those written commitments.” As defined by the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN Canada).

We use JV’s for our Long Term Buy and Hold rental properties.

In our JV partnerships, each party contributes, and each party benefits!

Joint Venture Agreement


  • Source the property using our local real estate knowledge and network
  • Negotiate the best deal possible, calculating in the estimated cost of renovations
  • Assist our partners to find mortgage brokers and lawyers with expertise in Albertan real estate transactions
  • Arrange inspection, insurance and appraisal
  • Provide a signed JV agreement, to be reviewed by your own lawyer
  • Coordinate all renovations and permits to current City standards resulting in: rapid and dramatic increased property value. Our reno’s also mitigate annual maintenance costs and repairs, therefore maximizing long-term profitability on the property.
  • Communicate progress at each stage of the improvements
  • Advertise, screen, and place tenants with lease agreements
  • Manage the property for the duration of the JV agreement
  • Provide annual income/expense statements for review by your accountant


  • Have a minimal TIME investment, yet benefit (on returns from) positive cash flow, mortgage pay down, and property value appreciation. Our goal is always (to maximize returns on your), over 3 or more years
  • Are on title, and qualify for the mortgage by contributing 20% of the purchase price, plus your closing costs
  • May receive most of their investment back through refinancing after the renovations (depending on the market)
  • Receive ALL of their investment back FIRST, when the property is sold. Then profits are shared based on our JV agreement
  • May also provide the renovation financial contribution, depending on each unique deal

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