Real Estate Renos As An Investment


We empower people to grow their wealth by investing in real estate, but without any of the challenges of being a landlord and without ever swinging a hammer. We buy neglected and older single family properties and do strategic renovations to attract great tenants and buyers.   With a proper renovation strategy, we are able to maximize returns for our investors by forcing appreciation in each of our favourite exit strategies.

We have spent thousands of hours becoming experts in home renovations and working with other real estate investors. Now we want to share that experience with YOU. We work together with each investor to build a real estate portfolio customized to your pace, involvement, and long-term financial goals. Let us know when you’re ready to learn more!
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Joint Venture Growing Wealth


  • We find a distressed and discounted property, purchase the property, provide strategic renovations, then re-sell for a profit.
  • The process is usually complete in 6 months or less.
  • Fix & Flips provide income for all parties involved
  • Advantages: relatively quick cash growth, high return on investment, no tenants
  • Disadvantages: can be high capital requirements, unanticipated challenges, and tax implications

Before Renovation/Investment

After Renovation/Investment

Before Renovation/Investment

After Renovation/Investment

Our fix and flip deals can be done as Joint Venture partnerships or Private Lending.

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