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Hey there dreamers!

Sometimes we focus on our financial and wealth-building investment properties.  We talk about practical, useful and user-friendly rental housing.  But Financial Freedom needn’t be a forever moving target.  Enjoying a home you are truly in love with IS financial freedom to many, many people.

And by the way, building or renovating a personal home can also be a financial investment:  in the place where you’ll create memories, celebrate milestones, and enjoy life with your loved ones.  After so much work growing a career and your investments, you deserve to have a space that reflects your personality AND meets all your needs.

Whether a homeowner is building from scratch, or renovating an existing space, it can be a daunting task.  And the question of “where to begin” often stops people in their creation process.  But this is where an architect or designer, who really listens to your vision, can guide you toward the initial design.  This is also where a general contractor can provide ideas, recommendations, or even assess the property for current limitations (based on local bylaws, etc…).  What is possible?

Then begins the process of narrowing down choices:  2 bedrooms or 5? Open concept?  Basement man-cave?  1000 sq ft?  9000 sq ft?

And guess what?  The summer is a fabulous time to begin building or renovating the home of your dreams!  Why?  Laying on a beach, or hiking in the woods, many of us will have some time to think, and to dream, about what we really want and why.  Coming back in September, concept drawings can begin!

In our experience, it can easily take about 2 months of back and forth to get a set of drawings to where they need to be before a homeowner is happy, and the permit people will accept those drawings.  Did you know that many municipalities may need 6-8 months to get a renovation or build passed through the permit process?  So, if people truly want to start a new build or a big renovation in 2024, the truly successful people will be starting NOW.

Many people also ask, “what style should I build/renovate?”  Summer is a fabulous time to explore different styles.  On those rainy weekends, go to open houses.  When it’s too hot or too buggy, grab a design magazine.  Yes, old school still works!—but all you techies can also collect a digital file of images too!  Summer can even be a great time to learn about the latest/greatest energy efficiencies and sustainable materials.  Even choosing windows can be mind-boggling until we learn a bit, narrow it down, learn a bit more, then decide what is optimal for our space.  A lot of people find that designing a dream space is a lot of fun!  Don’t be afraid of your unique style!

As the Alberta economy continues to grow, diversify and strengthen its fundamentals, now is a great time to invest in our personal residences.  From modern farmhouse, to Scandinavian minimalist, we’ve turned a lot of homes from “drab to fab!”  Live a little, dream a little, and celebrate the wins so far with a beautiful home renovation or build.  Financial Freedom isn’t just some far-away date in the future.  And even if it is for some people, isn’t it fun to have a dream home vision to keep you motivated?

When you’re ready, head over to for some ideas to start your journey.  We’re now booking into 2024!