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Have your heard about the benefits of investing in real estate?

RRSP SecretAre you a busy person who wants to grow their wealth, but has limited time to spend learning about real estate, coordinating renovations, or doing property management?

Want to earn more than the banks offer on GIC’s? Do you want a little more security than the stock market? Or do you want to invest in another asset class to diversify your portfolio?

We invest with people who want to use cash, lines of credit, or registered funds (RRSP, RESP, LIRA). YES! You can invest in real estate by using your RRSP funds—and you never withdraw the money so there are no tax penalties. The profits go directly into your RRSP as well. The best resource to learn more is

The author, Greg Habstritt, has reached his financial goals so the bonus material is no longer accessible, but the basic content of the book is invaluable.

This book explains how to use your RRSP and how to diversify the funds you have invested in your RRSP’s—you don’t “cash out” so you don’t incur any CRA expenses with this investing technique.

We encourage everyone to read this book and continue your own education about YOUR financial health and wealth.

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