The Renovation Planning Process


1. Your personalized experience begins with a free estimate. Have you defined the space you want to renovate? What are your main reasons/purposes for renovating. Do you have a budget in mind? What are the priorities, and the “nice-to-haves.” Is any demolition required to find any structural issue (eg. mold behind a current bathroom wall). Have you worked with a designer or developed your own design? Have you started to think about specifics: lighting, bathroom fixtures, countertops, windows, doors, flooring, colour scheme, trim & ceiling, and appliances. Do you have special timing requirements?

Once a basic design is agreed on, our electricians and plumbers may request to see the space to assist in providing their accurate quotes for rough in and finishing costs. Other specialty services will also be called for specific estimates (eg surround sound).

2. Both the homeowner and Mountain’s Edge Renovations Inc. will agree on a quoted price and sign a contract. It will outline a timeline for project completion and a payment schedule. Change orders can be completed after this, and signed by both contractor and customer, to allow for design changes once the project is underway. A deposit is required at contract signing; this facilitates the early purchase of products and avoids unnecessary delays.

3. Ideally all products and fixtures can now be finalized by the homeowner; this is one of the most important steps you can take to minimize your stress during the custom renovation. It is important to note that some items require 4-8 weeks (and more!) for delivery: countertops, carpet, custom cabinets….
Permits may be required and will be coordinated by Mountain’s Edge Renovations Inc at this time. We are fully licensed in Cochrane and Calgary; at this time Rockyview does not require licensing for contractors to obtain permits. We also have a Prepaid Contractor’s license with Service Alberta; this licensing is specifically designed to protect homeowners from fraudulent or unscrupulous renovators or general contractors.

4. Once construction begins, we are committed to exceeding your expectations. We will ask you to prepare your home for construction and the inevitable, but temporary, inconveniences. We will attempt to minimize dust/mess during the process, and will clean up to a safe home space every night. It is best to review your renovation on a DAILY basis and ask as many questions as you desire. Every effort will be made to stick to your timeline. A quality custom renovation is in the details; we strongly encourage ongoing communication to ensure that nothing is overlooked. A mutually respectful environment will allow for efficient and thorough project completion.

5. We are dedicated to customer satisfaction. At completion, we invite homeowners to review all work and offer any questions or concerns. Our professionalism is backed up by a 2 year warranty as of the date of completion.