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Many of our clients LOVE HGTV.  They love the before and after pics, they love the designer finishes and they love the drama of finding a surprise mid-reno.  But the thing they LOVE the most?  In 30-60 minutes, it’s all done!  Demo to staging, permits to house sold, house chosen to move-in-day.  30-60 minutes.

And then, these clients knock on our door.  Hello?  Can you do exactly that in 3 weeks while I’m in Mexico on vacation?  Um, probably not.

So sorry to be the bearer of a harsh reality check!

Let’s start with permits.  We have pulled permits in Airdrie, Cochrane, Calgary, Rockyview, Mountain View and Foothills.  They’re all just a little bit different, and they all have slightly different timelines.  A development permit is required for additions (including attached garages), sometimes a home-based business, and sometimes for secondary suites.  This permit may need to go before a municipal council, or their planning/development committee.  Our best tip for a smooth process:  once you start, don’t make any significant changes; if you do, it can mean a trip right back to the back of the line.  Building permits can be granted very quickly sometimes:  we’ve seen less than 2 days in both Airdrie and Cochrane.  Talk about efficient!

Once you pass the permit hurdle, it’s time to start ordering materials.  Please allow us to be blunt:  the supply chain issue is real.  Despite everyone’s best intentions windows, siding, appliances and plumbing fixtures continue to have long delays.  Cabinets are getting better, especially if you order something that is made in Alberta.  Lumber is expensive, but continues to be available for most projects.  Metals can still have significant delays (deck railing, stair railing, a steel beam to create an open concept living area, …).  All we will say about appliances is to order what is currently in stock, whenever possible; and yes, have it delivered early, whenever possible.

Every effort is made to pre-schedule our trades.  However, even one delay can cause an unfortunate domino effect.  Trades people in Calgary are VERY busy these days; unfortunately, your project is actually competing with dozens of other projects.  Luckily we work with some amazing tradespeople, but they simply can’t always be in 3 places at once!  Also, despite what you see on HGTV, sometimes trades need to work sequentially; in other words, one guy needs to finish, before another trade can come in to do their thing.  An obvious example is that the drywall needs to be complete, before the painters can do their thing, before the case and base can be applied for finishing.

We truly understand that living with the dust and disruption of a renovation is not an enjoyable time.  And we are always aiming to provide the most time efficient scheduling possible.  WHEN delays happen, we will communicate them, and possible solutions, as quickly as possible.

Today, we wanted to adjust some unrealistic expectations regarding the REAL time that renovations require.  We don’t have a film crew, and endless advertising possibilities, that would make our trades and suppliers drop everything to run to our project.  We DO have years of experience and relationships with our trades & suppliers to allow us to schedule with as much efficiency as possible.