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why renovate



            Why on earth would someone endure a dusty house, with lots of noise and a million little decisions to make?  After 14 years in the Renovation business, here’s the Top 5 reasons we’ve seen people renovate.

  1. Repairs. After people have lived in their house for a while, something inevitably needs fixing.  Maybe a toilet leaked?  Maybe the dog was eating walls and baseboard (true story)?  Maybe after years of kids, teenagers or tenants there are some areas that need TLC?  Here’s the thing:  if you’re going to all that trouble, why not just add a little bit more?  For example, if the drywall needs to be removed and replaced, and you’re painting anyways, and the case and base need to be changed to something more modern … then maybe you might as well change up the flooring too?  There’s a lot to be said for “short term pain for long term gain.”  Many people choose to fix it all once, and fix it right.
  2. Improve Value. A brand new sparkly kitchen always sells faster and for a higher price, than that old 70’s style!  If you’re looking to get top dollar from selling your home, updating a bathroom (or two) and the kitchen will draw in more buyers.  Pretty sells!  And remember your outdoor spaces too.  When selling in summer, many people want to imagine themselves relaxing or entertaining on an outdoor deck.  Decks literally add extra living space to a home in the warmer seasons.
  3. Avoid Moving. A huge percentage of our clients tell us that they LOVE their neighbourhood, just not something about their house.  Even the clients who literally bought a house in a “perfect” location, but aren’t moving into it until something is fixed, or renovated to their preferences.  Renovating has its challenges, but many people would prefer to keep their neighbours, or their commute, or their favourite dog walk!
  4. Eco-Friendly & Efficiency. From time to time, the various governments offer rebates for homeowners who are looking to add something environmentally efficient to their house.  Common examples are windows, furnaces, appliances, hot water tanks, and even solar panels.  Some of our clients take advantage of these grants, and then decide to do a full project.  For example, if you’re changing the living room windows, maybe you’ll want to change the flooring, fireplace, paint, and maybe even the hall stairs.  Countless clients have started out replacing those water-guzzling toilets – only to end up with a brand new Master Bath.
  5. Transition to a New Life Phase. After you’ve been in your house for 20 years, we can almost guarantee a few things have changed in your life!  Maybe the kids have grown up, but aren’t quite financially ready to be independent.  Or maybe the kids are almost grown, but your parents now need to be closer to family for health or financial reasons.  Turning that old basement playroom into a legal suite, or an in-law suite, is making good sense for a lot of families these days.  Some people are even doing some succession planning with their homes:  leaving the upstairs for the next generation, while moving downstairs into a smaller space.  And occasionally, life changes and homes need to be adapted for health conditions.  Sometimes these are the projects with the greatest impact:  keeping loved ones at home as long as possible is important to many families.

There are so many reasons to renovate!  Yet it often sits on people’s “wishlists” for years.  When you’re ready, check out our gallery for ideas, then contact us for your free estimate: